About Us

NuMeRI is a not-for-profit company, providing a framework to consolidate expertise and to implement new strategic initiatives in nuclear medicine technologies and biosciences. This will create significant Research, Development and Innovation (RD& I) capacity in South Africa.

NuMeRI is a one-stop-shop medical imaging facility dedicated to drug development and clinical research.

This core research network is embedded within the healthcare domain, which lends to a mutually beneficial environment for medical research and general practice – with public health being the common goal. The research conducted at NuMeRI will contribute to the development of a range of therapies that address the national priority disease.

NuMeRI’s effectiveness will be measured in terms of research, innovation and value generation in areas of country- and region-specific health challenges.

NuMeRI will be instrumental in capacitating the public healthcare sector with critical / scarce skilled medical professionals through the provision of key infrastructure that is unique to their field(s).

The very nature of NuMeRI’s research activities necessitates a coalescence of their objectives with the priorities of the National Department of Health.

The Nuclear Medicine Research Infrastructure (NuMeRI) will provide enabling support for health care research and development by South African researchers.

NuMeRI Board of directors:

Dr. Nozipho E. Nyakale (Chair)

Prof. Mike Sathekge (CEO)

Prof. Jan Rijn Zeevaart 

Prof. Arthur Rantloane

Dr. Joseph Mangwane