The following molecular imaging equipment was made available over time:

  • microSPECT/CT (nanoScan, Mediso, Hungary)
  • High resolution microPET/CT (nanoScan, Mediso, Hungary)
  • IVIS Lumina III, benchtop optical imaging camera (Perkin Elmer, USA)

Along with auxiliary equipment such as:

  • Cryotome for preparation of tissue slicesĀ  (Leica, Germany)
  • Autoradiography scanner (General Electric, UK)
  • Individually ventilated cage (IVC) system for animal housing (Techniplast, Italy)
  • High performance automated gamma counter (HIDEX, Finland)
  • Mobile Biosafety Level 3 (BSL3) laboratory has been finalized, allowing the i-PCIF project portfolio to extend into research focusing on infectious diseases.